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Love Knows No Distance

My name is Georgia. Girlfriend of a US Marine in Japan. Here if you need a friend to talk to. Submit your pictures!


My cousin graduated from West Point this weekend and one of his buddies got married the day after. He was in the wedding so I was looking at the pictures and I think this picture is great. It’s just really pretty and elegant.

~It was a fairy tale~

Married. 😍

Red Lotus Photography

Photo Cred: shutterdarlingphotography

Cause love don’t know what distance is
Yeah, I know it’s crazy
But I don’t want good and I don’t want good enough
I want can’t sleep, can’t breathe without your love
Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn’t make sense to anybody else
Who cares if you’re all I think about,
I’ve searched the world and I know now,
It ain’t right if you ain’t lost your mind
Yea I don’t want easy, I want crazy
Are you with me baby? Let’s be crazy.